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Extends DbUp to provide SQL Server object definition scripting when running migrations from Visual Studio. When a database object changes during a migration, its definition will be saved in the project.
An advanced application framework designed to make enterprise apps development simple, featuring enterprise data access patterns such as generic repositories, query definitions, user management, authentication, security, push notifications, and more. For the server data access counterpart, please in...
Provides subscription management capabilities for Microsoft Azure.
A XrmToolBox Plugin that helps copying field definitions from an entity to another
GTA Network TypeScript Definitions
TypeScript definition files for the GT-MP client-side scripting API.
TypeScript definition for jqote2 jQuery plugin.
Typescript definitions files for Stanford Javascript Crypto Library
Typescript definitions files for Big Integer library by Leemon
Typescript definitions files for Big Integer library by Tom Wu
TypeScript definitions for shapeshift.js
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