Top 20 NuGet deep-learning Packages

Yolo Darknet Wrapper, Real-Time Object Detection (yolo core of AlexeyAB/darknet), CUDA 10.1
Contains neural learning algorithms such as Levenberg-Marquardt, Parallel Resilient Backpropagation, initialization procedures such as Nguyen-Widrow and other neural network related methods. This package is part of the Accord.NET Framework.
Library for optimized Deep Learning models. The library is based on python's theano library and offers great tools to create deep learning models. Automatic gradient differentiation is available.
A technical preview of full TensorFlow 1.10 API binding for .NET. Comparison with TensorFlowSharp: Allows building arbitrary machine learning models, training them, and loading and executing pre-trained models using the most popular m...
F# extensions to simplify CNTK usage
C# library for easy Deep Learning and Deep Reinforcement Learning. It is wrapper over C# CNTK API. Has implementation of layers (LSTM, Convolution etc.), optimizers, losses, shortcut-connections, sequential model, sequential multi-output model, agent teachers, policy gradients, actor-critic etc. C...