Top 20 NuGet deck Packages

A simple .NET interface for the Stream Deck HID
Abstraction for macro boards (with LCD keys)
Start developing your Elgato StreamDeck plugin faster! This library encapsulates all the overhead of setting up the framework, so that you can focus on writing the logic of the plugin itself. [Samples for using the library are provided here:] Using...
A virtual macro board for development
A .NET Standard library for playing cards (standard and custom), draw piles and shuffling.
A lightweight .NET wrapper for the official Elgato Stream Deck SDK, designed to assist with creating plugins that can be distributed on the Stream Deck store.
This is a C# wrapper library used to write Elgato Stream Deck plugins.
Deck is a library that permits you to apply a beautiful animation in your view pager, and this animations looks like a deck.
Library for creating a virtual playing card deck to draw standard playing cards from. Visit the GitHub repository for more information.
Class library providing access to some Elgato Gaming Stream Deck functionalities.
Library for interfacing with the Elgato StreamDeck