Top 20 NuGet dd4t Packages

DD4T Provider for SDL Digital eXperience Accelerator Model Service
DD4T Logger Implementation with Serilog
DD4T .NET Core
DD4T JMS Caching Agent
A DD4T based implementation of the DVM4T framework. Includes a number of basic Attributes for common field types (i.e. text, linked components, etc.) as well as full XPM Markup support.
Automatic View Models for DD4T. Allows use of attributes to define mapping of IComponent to View Model classes.
Content model classes of DD4T
DD4T 2011SP1 Nightly Builds
Helper methods to easily add the Experience Manager MarkUp to your ViewModels
DD4T Tridion Base Template
Autofac Dependency Injection Provider for DD4T
Ninject Dependency Injection Provider for DD4T
Unity Dependency Injection Provider for DD4T
SDL Tridion 2011 SP1 Providers for DD4T
DD4T Rest Providers
DD4T RestService WebApi
DD4T MVC4 Support
DD4T MVC5 Support
SDL Tridion 2013 Providers for DD4T
SDL Tridion 2013 SP1 Providers for DD4T