Top 20 NuGet datatype Packages

TeqCrate is a type-safe datatype-generic programming library for F#. It offers a type-safe and extensible way to inspect, decompose and create values for various kinds of common F# and .NET types.
The Recurly Dates package is an Umbraco data type for creating recurring events. Choose from Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly. Define on which days the event is to recur.
Iconator is an Umbraco datatype that allows the picking of CSS icon classes.
A unit of measurement and data type conversion library with over 20 complete units of measure (Also available in Java and JavaScript)
The Golf Hole Editor package is an Umbraco data type for creating golf hole information. This data type could be used on a golf club website for displaying course information. An editor can configure each hole's tees and it's par, stroke index and distances. The data type can also accommodate for di...
The Multi Date Picker package is an Umbraco data type for creating a collection of dates within Umbraco. An editor can add, edit and delete dates within a property on a page. This package reuses Umbraco's built in date picker.
The List Picker is an alternitive to the built in Umbraco list data types of dropdowns, checkboxes and radio button lists. This data type differs in that it allows you to select a dropdown, checkbox or radio button list then add the item to the list with display text and a value and finally a way to...
Material Design Icons for Umbraco 7.11.1 and above
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