Top 20 NuGet central Packages

Enables you to connect to Dynamics 365 Business Central sources just like SQL tables. Just specify your credentials and access data from any Dynamics 365 Business Central source.
O SisDEV Consulta Sinesp é uma biblioteca para buscar dados de veículos brasileiros no Detran. Ideal para identificar veículos com restrição Furto/Roubo. Obs: O SINESP pode bloquear conexões vindas de fora do país.
RingCentral C# Client
This SDK is deprecated in favor of
EzbAdapter provides you an easy to use interface to retrive the euro/x exchange rates from the official european central bank api.
Central DataAccess Integration Service
Replacement for System.ConfigurationManager to enable centralised configuration
Dynamic Linq Query Builder base on Expressions for ASP.NET MVC. Excellent PrepareQuery method with QueryParams (Razor engine)
Cordova Plugin Ble Central (cordova-plugin-ble-central) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
This package includes all the required models to communicate with DynThings Central API.
Dynamic Linq Query Builder base on Expressions (core). Excellent PrepareQuery method with QueryParams
Central Bidding Service
Simple wrapper for RingCentralSDK NuGet package.
A C# .net wrapper for 3PL restAPI Developed on .Net Core 2.0 Currently Covers a limited set of REST API if people are looking for a wider support feel free to mail or open an issue Covered End points; http://ap...
Sistema de consulta de previsão do tempo. Font: CPTEC/INPE