Top 20 NuGet calling Packages

ISO 3166 countries library, including: common Name, official Name, TLD,two and three letter country code, ISO numeric code, CIOC, currencies, callingCodes, capital, alternative spellings, region, subRegion, borders, is landlocked and area in square kilometers
Integrate server backends with the Sinch backend.
A large collection of enums to simplify your life
Omnigage SDK for .NET
A large collection of enums to simplify your life
DLL Containing all the endpoints for the Message360 API Before calling any network commands please use ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol = SecurityProtocolType.Tls | SecurityProtocolType.Tls11 | SecurityProtocolType.Tls12;
The Extended Distributed Calling package allows Umbraco developers to create and use Distributed Calling providers to cater for different load balanced scenarios. Specifically where a hard coded list of server addresses is not possible to obtain for use within Umbraco's Distributed Calling configura...
[NEW: works with TypeScript] A project to auto-generate JavaScript and TypeScript proxies for ASP.NET MVC and WebApi controllers. With Intellisense, the library provides information for easy writing to ajax requests in JavaScript and in TypeScript for ASP.NET MVC and WEB API applications. The advan...
Service Objects DOTS Telephone Verification Libraries utilizing best practices with fail over configuration. This package can be used to call the Service Objects web Service Telephone Verification. This service can be used to verfiy phone numbers by verifying provider information, SMS or phone call ...
This is a shared library containing the service fabric actor cache implementation that will be used by the Skype Calling RV.
Rest API Helper