Top 20 NuGet c1cms Packages

Contains dll-s distributed with C1 CMS.
C1 CMS Foundation - a .NET based Web Content Management System, open source and a bundle of joy! Orckestra is the company driving the development of C1 CMS Foundation. We have a team working full time on this CMS and on other cool stuff you can add to it. We are situated in Montreal, Copenhagen and...
It contains a tool to install packages for C1 CMS from the command line.
Contains dll-s distributed with package Composite.AspNet.MvcFunctions for C1 CMS.
Contains dll-s distributed with package Orckestra.Search.WebsiteSearch for C1 CMS.
Centralized email management, queues etc.
Makes it easy to localize string, html, images, pictures etc.
Adds drag'n drop sorting to pages and datatypes
Membership and Roleprovider for C1
Task scheduling
Contains React components distributed with C1 CMS.
Contains core dll-s distributed with Experience Manager.