Top 20 NuGet butterfly Packages

This package provides methods to integrate Butterfly tracing with Ocelot.
Implementation of Butterfly.Message for AWS Simple Email Service
Authenticate clients in C# using Butterfly.Db and Butterfly.Web
Implementation of Butterfly.Web for RedHttpServer (see
Implementation of Butterfly.Web for EmbedIO (see
Simple RESTlike and Subscription API server in C#
Implementation of Butterfly.Message for Twilio SMS
Send emails and text messages via the same API in C#
Package Description
Implementation of Butterfly.Db for MS SQL Server
Implementation of Butterfly.Db for SQLite
Implementation of Butterfly.Db for Postgres
Implementation of Butterfly.Db for MySQL
Access a database without an ORM and subscribe to database change events in C#
Package Description
Implementation of Butterfly.WebApi using the EmbedIO server
Allows executing SELECT statements, creating transactions to execute INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements; creating dynamic views; and receiving data change events both on tables and dynamic views
Implementation of Butterfly.Channel using the EmbedIO server
Allows clients to create new channels to the server and allows the server to push messages to connected clients (think WebSockets)
Implementation of Butterfly.Core.Notify.INotifyMessageSender for AWS SES