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A rate limit library for ASP.NET.
It is a rate limiting library based on .Net standard.
A rate limit library for ASP.NET Core.
This library provides access to the secure and decentralised Storj-network. It is - like Storj itself - open source and developed on github. Works with .Net/UWP/Linux/Xamarin.Android/Xamarin.iOS/MacOS. Please add the additional platform-libraries if necessary.
Delay.Web.Helpers is an ASP.NET web helper assembly that includes support for Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) blob/bucket access and data URIs. (Note: This assembly can be used with other .NET project types as well.)
MongoDB implementation against the IDbFileStorageEngine.
FileStorage Azure
A request limiter based on the Leaky Bucket algorithm
S3 Storage Bucket Client with same interface but different credential! Supported services: AWS S3, Digital Ocean Spaces, Azure Blob Storage, GCP Cloud Storage.
Congestion control middleware components for ASPNET Core.
Xamarin Android native libraries for uplink.NET
Sample web site for the Delay.Web.Helpers package.
Owin middleware that implements the leaky bucket algorithm for request throttling.
AmazonS3 FileStorage
FileSystem FileStorage
FileStorage Web API integration
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Package Description
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