Top 20 NuGet bricks Packages

SQL Bricks (sql-bricks) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
vs2010 + nuget port of
Contains types for authentication and authorization.
Containts base types for DAL.
Contains implementations for Bricks.DAL concepts.
Contains common helpers.
Contains additional objects to work with OWIN.
Contains base types for SMS services.
Contains implementation of SMS service using Nexmo.
Contains concepts that are used in synchronization tasks.
Contains additional objects to work with Web.
Contains additional objects to work with ASP.NET Web API.
Contains core and auxiliary components of Bricks framework.
Contains types for images.
Contains types for real-time interaction.
Contains types for real-time interaction with SignalR.
Contains implementations for types declared in Bricks.Core.
Contains implementations of types declared in Brick.OWIN.
Contains components for Entity Framework.