Top 20 NuGet book Packages

Premium data set for generating text. Literature from books, biographies and law for your applications, UIs and databases.
Includes extended functionality for ComponentOne UWP controls. Includes ColorPicker, Book.
The only EPUB library that actually works with all the different EPUB files there are out there.
A C# library that allows you to access all the superheroes and villains on the SuperHero database using there REST API.
Bible book names, codes (OSIS, Paratext), abbreviations (Thompson, Standard), and chapters
Bible Reference parser
Online appointment scheduler for any type of business. Flexible and affordable booking software that can be integrated into any site. Free basic version.
A basic .NET Standard 2.x library for Repeater Book Data.
Pro NuGet offers you a solid architectural understanding of how to manage software dependencies using NuGet, an open-source package management tool for the .NET Framework. Providing practical guidance through a multitude of examples and more advanced scenarios, this book shows you how to unleash all...
Library for reading EPUB file format built on top of .NET Standard 2.0 and F#. Safe, simple and extendable.
This project supports the structure of the layers of publishing: abstraction; models include data, business and presentation models; repositories include repositories; configurations
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