Top 20 NuGet blacklist Packages

A middleware that allows whitelist or blacklist incomming requests based on IP address. It can be configured using single IP address or ranges. It supports single IP, IP range IPv4 and IPv6. There is also possible to ignore specific paths from IP filtering.
IsBizMail tells you whether a given email address is free (,, etc) or not
Add a text file `package.blacklist` to your project, with the blacklisted package IDs on separate lines. A task will run `BeforeBuild` that will fail if any packages are found on the blacklist.
Blacklist binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
IsDisposableMail tells you whether a given email address is disposable (, etc) or not
A small module meant for use in text generators that lets you filter strings for bad words. .net port of
Unofficial API for