Top 20 NuGet biostatistics Packages

TMEA (Thermodynamically Motivated Enrichment Analysis) is a thermodynamically motivated approach to gene set enrichment analysis
GPU parallelized functions from BioFSharp
Make your workflow ML ready with BioFSharp.ML. Currently contains helper functionf for CNTK and a pre-trained model we used in our publication about predicting peptide observability.
BioFSharp.BioContainers gives you the possibility to leverage containerized applications without leaving you F# environment. We build on the fondation of Docker.DotNet to programmatically access the the REST API on top of the docker daemon. We provide special functions to use with biocontainers, whi...
BioFSharp.IO contains read/write functions for a diverse set of biological file formats such as Fasta, FastQ, GeneBank or GFF, as well as helper function for searching on or transforming the input data
Image recognition and analysis using wavelet transformations
API access to powerful popular bioinformatic databases
BioFSharp aims to be a user-friendly library for Bioinformatics written in F#. This is the core package that contains optimized biological datastructures (For example aminoacdis, nucleotides, and sequences consisting of them) and core bioinformatic algorithms (such as alignments or pattern search). ...