Top 20 NuGet bigendian Packages

BufferIO is an extensible big-endian oriented byte buffer with pooling support and additional binary read and write streams.
A big-endian BinaryReader/Writer implementation for .NET.
Gulliver is a C# utility package and library engineered for the manipulation of arbitrary sized byte arrays accounting for appropriate endianness and jagged byte length. Functionality includes the as previously unsupported standard set of boolean algebraic operations, bitwise shifting, and unsigned ...
This .NET library provides a simple API to read/write bytes from/to streams and spans using user-specified endianness. By default, supported types include primitives, enums, arrays, strings, and some common .NET struct types. Objects can also be read/written from/to streams via reflection and attrib...
.Net 大端序二进制读取器, 目前只能固定读取8、16、u24、32、64长度的整型,以后可能会根据自己的实际需要再进行功能扩展(比如读取任意位的整型),如果你想参与这个项目你可以加入进来(然而这个项目我用 Visual Basic 写的)。
.Net 大端序二进制写入器, 目前只能固定写入8、16、32、64长度的整型,以后可能会根据自己的实际需要再进行功能扩展(比如读取任意位的整型),如果你想参与这个项目你可以加入进来(然而这个项目我用 Visual Basic 写的)。
Provides a big-endian and little-endian BitConverter that convert base data types to an array of bytes, and an array of bytes to base data types, regardless of machine architecture.
A big-endian BinaryReader/Writer implementation for .NET.
Easily encode numbers to and from binary format
A big-endian BinaryReader/Writer implementation for .NET.
VB.NET source file that contains an extension method that allows to convert a positive BigInteger into a byte array, taking into account the desired endianness. Supported versions: .NET Framework 4.0 .NET Framework 4.5 .NET Framework 4.5.1 .NET Framework 4.5.2 .NET Framework 4.6 .NET Framework 4.6....