Top 20 NuGet behaviour Packages

Google Analytics Event Tracking for Umbraco v8
Core Library for GAEvents
A behaviour-based activity package for any application.
A simple c# behaviour tree library.
The core framework for unit tests from Springboard 365 Ltd.
Google Analytics Event Tracking for Umbraco v7
Authorization behaviour for MediatR. Extensions for Microsoft.DependencyInjection
Core Library for GAEventsv7
Authorization behaviour for MediatR
This an extension to the behaviour tree library. It helps you build a tree using a fluent api.
Behaviour tree library with a fluent API for C#.
A cross platform mobile framework for automating acceptance tests
Joyride's Behavior Driven Development (BDD) binding layer with built-in mobile steps
Yet another BDD specification library for .NET
Additions to Reactive Extensions
An implementation of the triggers functionality that was available in Silverlight but is missing WinRT XAML. Supports event and property based triggers with storyboard, state and command actions. Actions can have conditions applied to them so they only fire under certain conditions.
C# behaviour tree library with a fluent API
An adapter that allows Penfold to be run from
Converters, EventToCommandBehavior, EventService to communicate between different application components, CacheService based sqlite
The tasty specification framework.