Top 20 NuGet bash Packages

ConEmu-Maximus5 (short for Console Emulator) is a handy and full featured Windows console window (local terminal) with a lot of enhancements: panes, tabs, tasks, jump lists, quake style, handy text and block selection, handy paste of paths in either Unix or Windows notation, and much more. ConEmu.C...
File system path globbing library (wildcards like in bash). Supports netstandard1.4, netstandard2.0, and net40.
Utilize Bash shell directly in C#/.NET Core
Bash Glob (bash-glob) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
.NET Standard System.Console facade for building cross-platform terminal/shell applications.
A membership management tool using NetBash. This package allows you to quickly and easily manage users and roles using the default membership provider.
A library for building strongly typed bash scripts.
Verifies correct operation of .sh file association and fixes known bug in Git for Windows .sh pipe redirection.
A Libary for managing Batch with c# core