Top 20 NuGet base64url Packages

Kode-Aid base64 URL-safe encoding library.
A library for base64 encoding / decoding, as well as base64url support. For .NET Core 3.0 onwards encoding / decoding is done with SIMD-support.
Decode a UTF8 base64 encoded string. Supports both base64 and base64url.
base64 encode/decode for URL applications. dotnet global tool of Base64UrlCore.
base64 encode/decode for URL applications.
Standards based implementations of various Base32 and Base64 encoding/decoding methods. These are designed to encode binary data to plain text, and decode the resulting text back to the original binary. This is useful when you need to transfer binary data through technologies that only support text ...
Contain extensions for: parameter guard check | base64, base64url and hex string transformation from string to byte array and vice versa | extension to convert any collection into a string representation | Crypto random helpers | SystemTime to make it easier to write unit test involving system time.
Base64url binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Contain extensions that, takes a type and return a string or takes a string and return a type.
Collection of simple pieces of reusable code designed such that dependencies aren't forced upon consumers of its packages. Package is shipped as source code.
A micro-module which provides Base64 for URL encoding/decoding (from RFC 4648). Feel free to bundle this module with your core library (using any packer, like ILMerge, ILRepack, LibZ, etc.), use micro-assembly as it is, or just take the source code and use it in your project.
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