Top 20 NuGet base16 Packages

Base16, Base32, Base58, Base85 encoding/decoding library
BaseNEncodings.Net is a general base16, base32, base64 encodings library for .NET 2.0+, which is according to RFC 4648. Full details can be found on the project page here:
.NET Standard Types and Validators library for Base16-, Base32- and Base64-encoding and decoding in several variations (i. e., Base32Hex, Base64 Url safe, etc.)
Base16 binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Binary to text streaming codecs.
Multiformat base encodings
BaseNEncodings.Net is an RFC 4648 compliant base16, base32, and base64 encoding library for .NET Standard 1.1.
A libarary of binary-to-text converters (aka BaseNN).
Simple console runner for .NET.