Top 20 NuGet banking Packages

.Net SDK for access to MANGOPAY API v2
A collection of methods for solving Finance/Accounting equations.
A client api for banking service.
Unleash the power of Linxo with a simple-to-use C# client
.NET Portable SDK for access to Mangopay API v2. Using Mangopay technology, you can create e-wallets for sellers and buyers, securely hold funds on e-wallets as long as needed, collect fees, refund payers, etc... An account is required in order to test (in a sandbox environment). For more informatio...
A portable class library that allows you to retrieve banking data using the Plaid RESTful API.
NetCore8583 is a library that helps parse/read and generate ISO 8583 messages. It does not handle sending or reading them over a network connection, but it does parse the data you have read and can generate the data you need to write over a network connection.
An unofficial Starling Bank SDK.
Horrible port of Banking.js
The Best Bank Portugal Connect is a open source C# library that helps to connect to the Best Bank's Open Banking PSD2 API, a bank based in Portugal. Features: -Authorization flow (OAuth 2) -Get Balances -Get Moviments -Make transferences -Make payments via portuguese standarts.
Over then 100 financial formulas : - 32 for General finance; - 10 for Banking; - 02 for Bonds; - 26 for Corporate finance; - 02 for Markets finance; - Stocks 28;
This library is intended to hold some common items used in our system like logging or queue management
Connector for OBP api
Enban is an IBAN/BBAN API for .NET, including parsing, validation and formatting.
This library written in pure C# checks the validity of Hungarian bank account numbers and determines which bank they belong to