Top 20 NuGet balance Packages

NetLedger is a simple, self-contained ledgering library for adding debits and credits, checking balances, and performing commits on pending entries. NetLedger is self-contained and uses Sqlite; should you need a version using an external database, please contact us.
Provides methods to check a strings for balanced parentheses, special characters, tags, etc.
Apply best-in-class, adjustable Guassian blur, smart sharpen, noise removal, and auto white balance filters to your photographs. Plugs into ImageResizer. REST API example: image.jpg?a.removenoise=3 Docs: Support: ...
Manage account between friends
Nequeo net server component
Image Processor effects library
An mqtt client library that performs load balancing for worker mqtt clients
mqtt client library to act as the worker for Mqtt.LoadBalancer.Core
load balancing router for distributed system
Financial statements simplified. Receive a financial statement for any publically traded company with one line of code.