Top 20 NuGet backbone Packages

Backbone.Marionette is a composite application library for Backbone.js that aims to simplify the construction of large scale JavaScript applications.
Backbone.js TypeScript Starter Kit
Backbone.js CoffeeScript Starter Kit
Backbone.js JavaScript Starter Kit
Backbone.js TypeScript Starter Kit
A lightweight client MVC framework for building small Single Page Applications in Javascript. Based on some of the principles that drive Backbone it's an ideal lightweight solution for people either familiar with Backbone or wanting to start learning it.
Drop in blog for MVC4 websites
Backbone Ribs is an extension project which adds an additional layer of functionality to Backbone that simplifies creation of basic types of views, adds more granular JSON handling and separates concerns further by separating Views from Regions (see Views and regions below for details) which enables...
Backbone binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Backbone Associations (backbone-associations) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Installs the Angular.js seed project (RC1) into an MVC project
Knockback.js provides Knockout.js magic for Backbone.js Models and Collections.
Knockback-Inspector.js provides an inspector tree view library for Backbone.Models and Backbone.Collections using Knockback.js.
Backbone plugin providing support for following hypermedia controls from Backbone models and collections.
Simple service to apply templates for backbone loaded via requirejs and textjs.
Backbone-Articulation.js enhances Backbone.js model attributes with object serialization and deserialization.
Backbone-ModelRef.js provides a mechanism to respond to lazy-loaded Backbone.js models.
Nuget Package for Backbone.Validation javascript plugin by thedersen -
Nuget Package for Backbone.Validation javascript plugin (AMD version) by thedersen -
A simple infrastructure based on messaging patterns and service bus implementations for decoupling Backbone and Backbone.Marionette applications.