Top 20 NuGet aws-cdk Packages

CDK Construct for managing EC2 key pairs (Stability: Stable)
AWS IAM policy statement generator with fluent interface for AWS CDK (Stability: Experimental)
CDK Construct for managing SSM Documents (Stability: Stable)
Deploy a URL shortener with custom domain support in just a few lines of code. (Stability: Experimental)
Implode your AWS CDK Stack after set amount of time, save money, be happy! (Stability: Experimental)
CDK Construct for creating Athena WorkGroups (Stability: Stable)
CDK Construct for secrets (Stability: Experimental)
AWS CDK SQS Construct with alarms and dead letter queue
An AWS CDK Construct that enforces encryption on an S3 bucket
This CDK Construct helps create IAM Managed Policies and IAM Roles using JSON Configuration (Stability: Stable)
Defines an SQS queue with tweet stream from a search