Top 20 NuGet autoprefixer Packages

BundleTransformer.Autoprefixer contains one postprocessor-adapter for postprocessing of CSS code - `AutoprefixCssPostProcessor`. This adapter makes actualization of vendor prefixes in CSS code by using the Autoprefixer Host for .NET ( version 3.0.32 (supp...
.NET wrapper around the Andrey Sitnik's Autoprefixer ( version Since the original library is written in JavaScript, you will need a JS engine to run it. As a JS engine is used the JavaScript Engine Switcher library (
Provides support for Sass (.scss) preprocessing and uses Autoprefixer to add vendor prefixes automatically. In Kentico CSS Stylesheets application, a new Sass file type would be available, and stylesheets can be created in .scss format. A live preview of compiled css containing vendor prefixes would...
Autoprefixer Core (autoprefixer-core) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Gulp Autoprefixer (gulp-autoprefixer) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Autoprefixes CSS files for the LigerShark.WebOptimizer.Core system.