Top 20 NuGet authenticode Packages

Enables NuGet package signing using certificates in Azure Key Vault
A Windows library for verifying and inspecting Authenticode signed files.
A library for manipulating Managed and Native PE binaries: - digital signing, - strong naming, - manifests [Note: This library is not quite ready for public consumption--I'm in the middle of some code reorganization]
A library of utilities usable across all types of .NET applications (WPF, WinForms, ASP.NET, console, service, etc.). Available utilities are: XmlUtilities, AssemblyUtilities, IOUtilities, ConvertUtilities, JsonUtilities, CommandLineUtilities, WizardForm, RibbonControl, DockPanel, EditableUri, Unive...
Adds PowerShell functions to allow you to sign scripts and files using a code signing certificate.
MSBuild tasks to interact with the Outercurve Signing Service
Enables SignTool to use certificates in Azure Key Vault
Authenticode signing using Mono libraries, accepting cert in the form of a spc file and pvk file. Uses Mono Security code. As a tool, includes OpenSSL v1.0.2o binaries for convenience, useful for converting pfx keys to spc+pvk keys. For key conversion information, please see https://developer....
Authenticode Lint is a Windows command-line tool for linting an examining an Authenticode signed file.