Top 20 NuGet atomic Packages

Provides useful structures for performing efficient concurrent operations. Original Project:, including a port of Java's LongAdder and Striped64 classes
boost_atomic-vc140. Compiler: Visual Studio 2015 Update 3.
boost_atomic-vc120. Compiler: Visual Studio 2013 Update 5.
boost_atomic-vc141. Compiler: Visual Studio 2017 15.7.4.
boost_atomic-vc110. Compiler: Visual Studio 2012 Update 4.
boost_atomic-vc100. Compiler: Visual Studio 2010 SP1.
boost_atomic-vc90. Compiler: Visual Studio 2008 SP1.
boost_atomic-vc80. Compiler: Visual Studio 2005 SP1.
Library for managing multithreaded program state; providing lock-free, fast, scalable data wrappers for shared variables.
Practical high performance functional programming for C#. Immutable collections, concurrent HashMap, Ref, Union, Lens and Array.
Core assemblies for the .NET version of Pattern Lab
.NET version of Pattern Lab (Mustache)
Simplistic, atomic, interlocked counter that allows for huge numbers of operations to be performed using a "sharding" style approach to summation.
Object / Document peer to peer database for the .NET framework.
Immutable persistent collections, concurrent HashMap, Ref, and Array helpers designed for performance. Split from DryIoc:
Razor assemblies for the .NET version of Pattern Lab
Helper libraries and templates to assist in developing BlockScripts for the game SpaceEngineers. Includes Mocked grid items to allow for indepth atomic testing of block scripts while easily pasting the logic into the game edit window. A locally installed copy of SpaceEngineers is required to compli...
Write File Atomic (write-file-atomic) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.