Top 20 NuGet atlas Packages

It makes MonoGame more awesome.
Converts the ugly package that came from Open Protocol TCP/IP or Serial to an object
Atlas is the Deloitte Digital Framework for Sitecore Development
Allows user to download datasets from the GRID and run jobs on the GRID. Geared towards use at ATLAS, but no reason it can't be adapted for other experiments.
Atlas is a small library that provides viewmodel-first navigation, event-based automatic page-caching, navigation-stack saving, and some other useful services (multi-arg messaging service, page-dialog service).
A strictly typed Sql Builder for .Net
It makes MonoGame more awesome.
Small C# app that packs all the png from a folder int a set of square atlas textures.
Hierarchy-Based Entity Component System (ECS) Framework
Using a sprite sheet (or texture atlas) increases your game's performance while also reducing the amount of memory. This library includes a loader and sprite renderer to load animations and sprites from a sprite sheet created with TexturePacker. A tutorial with full source code about how to create...
Packs images into a texture atlas and optionaly crestes a description file in various formats
A static class to be used for getting the secrets from Azure key vault
C# wrapper for UVAtlas