Top 20 NuGet association Packages

File association library.
Ceka is an open source pure C# Library for Data Mining and Data(set) Pre-processing. It is using a very flexible in-memory model of WEKA's Attribute-Relation File Format. Ceka contains 'Miners' from all groups: association rules, classification, clustering and more of Data Mining Algorithms. It was ...
A data mining library for finding tightly connected elements in a database using apriori algorithm and association rules.
WPF lacks some basic functionality, so I coded it up and share the result with you here. Controls and windows include InputBox (like the VB6 function but more powerful), EditableLabel, ThumbnailPanel, and more. There are also helpers for associating with file types and starting up with Windows.
Update the WMAppManifest to indicate that a Windows Phone 8.0 app works with a know, custom, file extension
Association Manager is a library which makes it a lot easier for .NET developers to associate file extensions with their application.
Verifies correct operation of .sh file association and fixes known bug in Git for Windows .sh pipe redirection.