Top 20 NuGet assistant Packages

Picovoice is an end-to-end platform for building voice products on your terms. It enables creating voice experiences similar to Alexa and Google. But it entirely runs 100% on-device. Picovoice is: - Private: Everything is processed offline. Intrinsically HIPAA and GDPR compliant. - Reliable: Runs w...
Rhino is Picovoice's Speech-to-Intent engine. It directly infers intent from spoken commands within a given context of interest, in real-time. For example, given a spoken command "Can I have a small double-shot espresso?", Rhino infers that the user wants to order a drink with these specifications:...
Creates a custom entity and populates it with records which represent option-set values
Shows the name and keyboard shortcuts of invoked actions.
Omnifactotum: Provides own helper and functional classes as well as extension methods for standard .NET classes.
Omnifactotum.NUnit: the .NET library intended to help developers avoid writing the same helper types, methods and extension methods for different testing projects using NUnit framework.
Omnifactotum.Wpf: the .NET library intended to help developers avoid writing the same code for different WPF projects.
Extension for SqlGridViewControl for immediate data preservation in database. Documentation available at: Issues and bug tracker available at: