Top 20 NuGet aspnet-core Packages

Bold licensing is a .NET library for validating the registered Bold license in an application at runtime. The Bold license must be registered in an application when using the Bold evaluation build or NuGet package assemblies. Documentation:
Provides AspNet.Core MVC extensions.
Host an ASP.Net Core application inside an Azure Functions V3 App.
Classes and functionality for broad use in NetChris ASP.NET Core applications.
MediatR extension for Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc. Wraps each configured MediatR request in a generic controller and provides numerous extension points.
Template to use when creating a new AspNet Core application hosted inside an Azure Functions V3 HTTP Trigger.
Graceterm middleware provides implementation to ensure graceful shutdown of AspNet Core applications. The basic concept is: After aplication received a SIGTERM (a signal asking it to terminate), Graceterm will hold it alive till all pending requests are completed or a timeout ocurr.
Bearer Token and logging to fast start any ASP.NET Core project
LiteXLog is internal logging provider for LiteX libraries.
Tools for working with logging in ASP.NET Core
Making it simple to customize Hosting for your ASP.NET Core 6.x+ application
The extension for TakNotify library to work with ASP.NET Core apps
Провайдер аутентификации ЕСИА для ASP.NET Core
Enhanced identity management built on ASP.NET Core Identity.
Secure Token Service, IdentityBase web interface
Microsoft ASP.NET Core logging provider extension for Litex projects based on LiteX.Log and Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.