Top 20 NuGet asp-net-mvc Packages

Middleware injected into ASP.NET Core pipeline at startup.
Trivial compile-time Razor HTML Minifier for ASP.NET MVC 5.
Use the current timestamp as the version for static files
Middleware that logs requests for ASP.NET Core in w3c format.
Desharp - C#/VB .NET debuging utility to dump or log structured variables, exceptions, stack traces and much more into console, visual studio console, into html web response as floating window or into html/text log files on HDD. Download and install Visual Studio code snippets for Desharp: https://g...
ASP.NET MVC view engine and HTML helper that renders Markdown.
Roothelpers provides extension , helper classes , and other goodies to help you use the bootstrap css framework from .net code. incorporate bootstrap into your mvc projects and make your sites more user-friendly and dynamic
Less boilerplate on throwing HttpResponseExceptions.
A DelegatingHandler to return 415 status code.
A ASP.NET MVC HTML Helper that displays the application version number.