Top 20 NuGet arrays Packages

A library containing useful data structures like Trees, Tries, Sparse Arrays, Bloom Filters and indexing tailored dictionaries.
Common Core Classes (Registry, Files, etc.
Mostly Commonly Used Constants
A set of fast LINQ-like extension methods for arrays and lists. Fine-tune your code for the maximum performance.
Chai Arrays (chai-arrays) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
C# scientific package containing among other things : * an N-dimensional array object and the main functions to operate on it * the main linear algebra functions on N-dimensional arrays. The syntax is mainly based on python's numpy library. MKL is used for optimized ...
LinksPlatform's Platform.Collections Class Library
See GitHub repo for details.
A tiny, fast and rich Javascript LINQ-like library for working with collections. Barely 8KB minified, over 60 functions, highly optimized for performance. Works with browsers back to IE6.
Base package for optimized operations on arrays. Uses Intel's MKL library to provide the main operations on arrays.
LINQ-like operators for manipulating multidimensional arrays.
Moved to Science.Collections.MultiDimensional.Linq
Tools for the following scenarios - Console applications - Abstract trees - Matrices - Mathematical Ranges - Arrays - Serialization - Text or string tools
.NET 4 framework core library for converting byte arrays to ASCII strings and vice-versa. Documentation available at: Issues and bug tracker available at:
.NET 2 framework library for various array manipulation. Documentation available at: Issues and bug tracker available at: NuGet package availa...
ArrayDeconstructors is a source package which allows you to use new C# 7 deconstruction syntax to deconstruct array into variables: int[] array = <...>; var (a,b) = array;
Library of sparse collections and tools for working with them.
RoyalXml is a simple, highly customizable XML serializer for .NET. Though it can be configured in almost any way, the default serialization ruleset supports polymorphism, multidimensional arrays, and collections.