Top 20 NuGet argon2 Packages

Argon2 Password Hasher written in C#. Uses Isopoh.Cryptography.Blake2 for hashing and Isopoh.Cryptography.SecureArray to protect sensitive data.
An implementation of Argon2 winner of PHC Usage follows standard types found in System.Security.Cryptography in corefx. Specifically DeriveBytes. C# Implementation of the Argon2 1.3 spec with variants for Argon2i, Argon2d, and Argon2id
A secure cryptographic library
ASP.NET Core Identity IPasswordHasher implementation using Argon2
Upgradable hash algorithm password management library for .NET.
A .NET wrapper to invoke a C implementation of Argon2.
A .NET wrapper to invoke a C implementation of Argon2.
Argon2 Browser (argon2-browser) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Argon2 binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
CryptHash.Net is a .NET multi-target class library (.NET Standard 2.0/2.1) that can be used in projects with any .NET implementation, like .NET Framework, .NET Core, Mono, Xamarin, etc., for text and files symmetric (AES_128_CBC / AES_192_CBC / AES_256_CBC / AES_128_GCM / AES_192_GCM / AES_256_GCM) ...
A collection of simplified wrappers around the most commonly used hashing algorithms.
Argon2 library for .NET
A secure cryptographic library for .net core projects targeting .net framework