Top 20 NuGet arex388 Packages

Hangfire extensions for structuring background jobs similarly to MediatR's request-response style. It's basically Vertical Slices for Hangfire.
ASP.NET Core 5+ extensions and utilities. Refer to the README on GitHub for instructions on how to use.
CsvHelper extensions for implementing a pseudo-database context backed by CSV files.
A C# client for the OpenWeatherMap API.
A C# client for the API.
Arex388.TimeZones is a small .NET Standard 2.0 library for time zone discovery in the past, present or future by a geospatial coordinate, IANA id, or Windows id.
A C# client for the API.
A C# client for Google Maps API.
A highly opinionated .NET Standard 2.0 library for the API. API Implementation in C#
A C# client for the NHTSA vPIC API.
HtmlAgilityPack extensions for HTML minification.