Top 20 NuGet area Packages

A modeling of units of measures that does automatic conversion between units for any modeled quantity.
Support library that allows defining a cross-platform context menu.
Add the ability to display a tray icon with a context menu to your Xamarin Forms application when targeting WPF or macOS!
An extensive measurement, unit, and data conversion library for .NET. var twoFeet = new Measurement(2, Units.Length.Feet); var twelveInches = new Measurement(12, Units.Length.Inches); var result = twoFeet + twelveInches; Console.WriteLine(result.GetValueAs(Units.Length.Yards)...
Simple MVC-based online viewer for log files.
An advanced charting control for .NET, covering a vast feature set of charting types for presentational, business, scientific, financial, real-time monitoring, statistical and other types of applications. For more information visit:
a jQuery plugin for creating expanding text areas
Allows you to organize your API Controllers in different ASP.NET MVC areas handling controllers with the same name in different areas / namespaces.
CloudGenix SD-WAN AppFabric SDK
HTML Area tags parser
C# Notification Library.