Top 20 NuGet arangodb Packages

.NET driver for ArangoDB with support for database per tenant deployments
.NET client for ArangoDB with LINQ provider
Serilog Sink for ArangoDB
Transforms DevExtreme's DataSourceLoadOptions to AQL syntax
Persistence provider for AspNetCore DataProtection keys in ArangoDB
Experimental LINQ to AQL for Core.Arango
A consistent, comprehensive, minimal interface to enable .NET applications to use the complete range of features exposed by the ArangoDB REST API.
ArangoDB Dotnet Driver
DotNet Core ArangoDB Client
Simple C# client for ArangoDB.
.NET port for ArangoDB VelocyPack
ASP.NET Core Identity integration for ArangoDB
ASP.NET Identity provider that uses ArangoDB for storage
ASP.NET Core Identity provider that uses ArangoDB for storage
DotNet port of
ArangoDB-NET is C# based driver for .NET/mono framework which implements ArangoDB REST API.