Top 20 NuGet appcompat Packages

.NET for Android (formerly Xamarin.Android) bindings for AndroidX library 'androidx.appcompat:appcompat'.
Signed Xamarin Android Support Library - v7 AppCompat assemblies for Intersoft Crosslight.
Provides renderer replacements for common Xamarin.Forms controls.
Provides a library for enabling Material Design for Android projects.
Provides control abstractions for Xamarin.Forms-based apps.
Helpers for using MVVMLight with AppCompat Android projects
Android Material theme for preference widgets. Backporting the material look and functionality. Available from API 14. Connecting preference-v7 to appcompat-v7.
Spinner Addon for Karamunting.Android.Consp1racy.MaterialPreference
Color Picker Addon for Karamunting.Android.Consp1racy.MaterialPreference