Top 20 NuGet analyze Packages

A .NET Standard FFMpeg/FFProbe wrapper for easily integrating media analysis and conversion into your .NET applications
Supported Platforms: • NETStandard • NETFramework Load, save, export, convert, archive, and process image formats such as Mayo Clinic Analyze (ANZ), Animated PNG (MNG), PhotoShop 3.0 (PSD), Xerox Internet Fax, Clipboard and Thumbnail Cache, and Windows Animated Cursor. Create a complete imaging so...
A spectrum analyzer library for Windows Forms.
3-Heights® PDF Analysis & Repair is a fast and robust API for detecting and repairing corrupted PDF documents. Ideal for automating your business processes. Suitable for single and bulk document processing. PDF software by developers for developers • Monthly feature releases • No external dep...
Eunice improves cohesion and modularity in software through hierarchical structure and simplified unidirectional dependencies. Eunice analyses source code, infers its structure and shows if the dependencies match.
Log4Net appender to Quilt4Net. Assure quality in .net systems.
Analyze your web site visitors at real-time. (This product needs a secret key. Please contact us via
This package extends the image upload process with an automatic image analysis powered by Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services