Top 20 NuGet ambient Packages

Ambient context implementation for Dapper.NET
Enables scoped completion tracking and error handling of tasks as an alternative to fire-and-forget and async void. Easy to produce and consume, and test-friendly.
Provides an easy way to implement the singleton (anti?) pattern so that it is ambient-safe, propagates with a call context and can be overriden per ambient (i.e. in tests).
xUnit tests for netfx-System.AmbientSingleton
Manage your DbContexts the right way. The persistence or infrastructure layer uses the DbContext (e.g. from a repository). Controlling its scope and transaction lifetime, however, is ideally the reponsibility of the orchestrating layer (e.g. from an application service). This package adds that abil...
Ambient context core project.
Provides the basis for implementing the Ambient Context pattern. Includes a Clock implementation based on it. The Ambient Context pattern is an Inversion of Control (IoC) pattern that provides static access to a dependency while controlling the dependency from the outside. The pattern optimizes cod...
Very simple implementation of an ambient (disposable) resource
Useful Types: JsonConfig, IJsonConfigurationProvider Use JsonConfig.AddJsonProvider(json) to add a provider to the static Rayson.Configuration.Config.
Useful Types: Config, IConfigurationProvider
A .Net Standard SDK for accessing a personal weather station from Ambient Weather