Top 20 NuGet alternative Packages

MSBuild task for ILRepack which is an open-source alternative to ILMerge. This library uses ILRepack.lib so it is easier to upgrade.
Automatically populate properties based on image content.
AppFabric wrapper using NCache to port your .Net application from AppFabric to NCache Enterprise with minimal code change.
AppFabric wrapper using NCache to port your .Net application from AppFabric to NCache Professional with minimal code change.
Kentico Xperience v13 custom provider to enable using upsert alternative forms, so you can customize a page type with one alternative form named 'upsert'.
Zotapay is a next-generation payment services and technology provider for alternative payments.
BiserObjectify is an object generator for Biser.NET
Yari for MySql databases. Easily execute mysql stored procedures and functions from the browser; just deploying a single method Web.API service. Also useful to create a Data Access Layer for mysql in any .net core application
Stored Procedure centered alternative for handling your database interactions.
This package provides an alternative to t4 code generation
PetaTest - A tiny unit testing thing for your peace of mind PetaTest is tiny but powerful, embeddable, dependency free Unit Testing framework for .NET and Mono. Supplied as a single .cs file with no additional dependencies other than what's in the GAC.
The NightBitsUpdater can be used to easily update your c# applications. (ClickOnce alternative)
This library blurs the distinction between calling local and remote methods. It's fast, efficient, and avoids limitations of SOAP-based protocols such as WCF. Source code and documentation will be made available shortly.
Biser.NET dotnet binary javascript and JSON serializer