Top 20 NuGet all Packages

Reference to all AppBrix projects.
P All (p-all) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Reference to all AppBrix projects, including the web sever modules.
Entity Framework Core
Provide single entry point that references all necessary REEF/WAKE/TANG projects.
Wrapper around
A has one convention which sets cascade all
All of the Flyntax C# diagnostics and code fixes in one package.
Library generate data, based on clear specification
NuGetPackageUninstaller - removes a package from all projects with just Uninstall-PackageAll packageName
An all-in-one helper library containing a set of useful extension methods and helper classes. Intended to augment the .NET standard library and adds some classes that should have been included with the standard library.
Helps to generate all combinations of letters from given alphabet with different conditions and then pick over this dictionary in asynchronous way. It looks like pick over all values in n-ary number system. It can be very useful for test covering with all possible values.
Get the biggest value of a generic collection
Close all running programs
Attached behaviour for selecting all text when a given text box is focused