Top 20 NuGet adapters Packages

Library of .NET functions, extensions and components including asynchronous processing queues, configuration APIs, diagnostics, error handling, console functions, adapter framework, active directory and local account functions, checksum algorithms, unit conversion, binary parsing, cron-style task sc...
A set of useful libraries for many kinds of .NET developers, starting with Loyc.Essentials, a library that "fills in the gaps" in the core of the .NET Base Class Library. LoycCore is especially focused on collections: classes, interfaces, adapters, and extension methods. Plus, Loyc.Syntax.dll parses...
A library of interfaces, extension methods, and small bits of functionality that are useful in almost any software project, according to the theme "things that should be built into the .NET framework, but aren’t". At least half of Loyc.Essentials is devoted to collections: collection interf...
Loyc.Utilities contains useful non-core functionality that is either (A) not important enough to be placed in Loyc.Essentials or (B) takes Loyc.Collections, Loyc.Math or Loyc.Syntax as a dependency.
Biblioteca de itens comuns entre projetos corporativos da FACode
Biblioteca de itens comuns entre projetos que utilizam Entity Framework da FACode
Biblioteca de itens comuns entre projetos de API em .net core da FACode
Biblioteca de itens comuns entre projetos Dapper da FACode
The effective framework for .Net developers that included a bunch of helper classes that help to develop the application faster. This framework is using for all HBD libraries that had been developing by Duy Hoang. More details in here
BizTalk Server 2020 runtime adapters.
The extensions methods for .Net developments. - Attribute extensions - Collection extensions - Property extensions - String extensions - Type extensions - DateTime exntensions - Enum extensions - Expression extensions
This TVA Code Library is a collection of class libraries that extends and expands the functionality included in Microsoft’s .NET Framework. It makes some of Microsoft’s functions simpler to use, and adds functions that Microsoft did not include in the .NET Framework.
Command Dispatcher, Processor, and Distributed Task Queue. Provides a framework for orthogonal concerns.
The project contains interfaces, and adapter and facade implementations of the interfaces, that mirror functionality in several classes in the Windows Phone 7.1 SDK. These interfaces and adapters can be used to increase testability when developing Windows Phone applications.
Library meant to provide easy abstraction and mockability for common .NET classes (e.g., DateTime, File, Environment).