Top 20 NuGet activemq Packages

The ActiveMQ NMS client is a .NET client that communicates with the ActiveMQ broker using its native Openwire protocol. This client supports advanced features such as Failover, Discovery, SSL, and Message Compression.
Plato.Redis deployment package
Plato.Security deployment package
Plato.Messaging.AMQ deployment package
Plato.Messaging.RMQ deployment package
Plato.WinAPI deployment package
Plato.Cache deployment package
Plato.Configuration deployment package
Plato.Serializers deployment package
Plato.Core deployment package
Plato.Dapper deployment package
Plato.Async deployment package
Plato deployment package
Apache NMS for ActiveMQ Class Library (.Net Standard Messaging Library Implementation): An implementation of the NMS API for ActiveMQ
Message Queue Adapter for ActiveMQ dotnet client
The NMS Stomp client is a small lightweight .NET client that can send and receive messages from any Stomp based message broker.
Apache NMS ActiveMQ health monitor for Greentube.Monitoring allowing probes and health check of ActiveMQ brokers
Easy integration with multiple messaging frameworks including RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ ,maybe MSMQ
Send log message from NLog to ActiveMQ
Queue provider for Workflow-core using ActiveMQ