Top 20 NuGet about Packages

Library of base Windows Form and WPF Window extensions and dialogs, including those needed for implementing role-based security inside a Windows application.
An about box for VPKSoft software
Common forms and utility methods for WinForms including an About Box, Error Dialog, Nag Dialog, and Registration Dialog.
Calculate about Mass,Price,Count,Materail Of Plate
Collection of services which can be enabled by decorating the assembly with binding attribute
Makes it easy to create a beautiful about screen for your app.
Xamarin.Android Bindings for Mehdi Sakout's AndroidAboutPage. Create an awesome About Page for your Android App
About page for Windows and Windows Phone apps. Uses your application manifest for properties. Share more code across platforms. Build Charming apps for Windows!
Create an awesome About Page for your Android App in 2 minutes
WPF About Box is a simple and free about box for WPF using MVVM pattern. Several properties can be set. Some properties are read from assembly, automatically.
Create an awesome About Page for your Universal Windows Platform (UWP) in just a few minutes.
WhatsNew is a class that can be added to Windows Phone projects, and which can be used to notify users of any feature updates.
Are you tired of recreating the same about dialog logic and content for each Windows Phone app every time? "Your Last About Dialog" is a robust and generic, highly configurable implementation you can easily pull into your own app and set up for your needs. It is able to pull most data from your appl...
Tools for showing an about dialog for WPF applications
Provide a class with properties that displays application assembly information (title, description, company, product, copyright, trademark and/or version number).
Simple About control with app name, icon, version, and credits
Create an MVVM about box. Just instanciate the AboutDialogBoxViewModel, set all the properties and then launch the ShowDialog method. It uses the Theming and Accents from the Mahapps Theming.