Top 20 NuGet scenario Packages

Specifies scenarios for code generated tests.
Extension to xunit to produce human readable Given/When/Then reports in xml, markdown and HTML
A .NET framework that supports writing low-ceremony BDD tests using Gherkin language.
ShipmentRouter RESTful JSON order routing web services split Ecommerce order to multiple shipments, allocate warehouse inventory and route shipments to specific warehouses based on routing scenarios and available inventory. ShipmentRouter has major order routing functionality such as address geocodi...
Angular Scenario (angular-scenario) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Autofac IoC integration for Kekiri
xUnit test runner for Kekiri
NUnit test runner for Kekiri
Marktek.Fluent.Testing.Engine - A flexible Engine allowing you to focus on reusable components and removing the need to have messy unreadable tests
Write xUnit tests in a style emphasizing scenarios and examples
A library to provide strongly typed scenario contexts in Specflow
An extension of Kekiri to support SimpleInjector-aware ScenarioTests
A simple and easy way to write behavior driven tests.
Microsoft IoC integration for Kekiri
Data providers and structures for mock data and scenarios
Tools package for Kekiri