Top 20 NuGet ripple Packages

Base16, Base32, Base58, Base85 encoding/decoding library
Ripple.NetCore is a set of .Net libraries for working with the Ripple network. The only supported functionality at this time is offline signing of transactions.
Touch handling for Xamarin Forms
.Net and .Net Standart coin gecko async client for newest Min-API
Kraken API client for .Net
The way the Xamarin.Forms Background Customization in Xamarin.Forms should be
A .Net Standard client for the NDAX cryptocurrency API.
.Net and .Net Standart Crypto Compare async client for newest Min-API
Zapster XRP Payment Gateway is a FREE and convenient way to accept XRP payments from your website directly to your XRP Wallet. We provide Instant Payment Notification services for XRP Payments with no fees or transaction costs. This is an Asp.Net Client SDK for integration with Zapster API V1.
Xamarin.Android Binding for Tom Bayley's ActivityCircularReveal, a library for starting & finishing Android activities with a circular reveal animation
Xamarin.Android Binding for Chrisvin Jem's EasyReveal, an Android Easy Reveal Library
Xamarin.Android Binding for Skydoves' PowerMenu, 🔥 The powerful and easiest way to implement modern material popup menu.
.net port for ta4j; providing technical analysis
*NOT* for public consumption. This is just a test package for ripple publish testing.
A small collection of special pixel shaders for WPF. Currently supported (more to come): Pixelate, RadialBlur and Ripple.
Xamarin Binding Library - Android RippleEffect
Lollipop ViewAnimationUtils.CreateCircularReveal for everyone 4.0+
XrpCommunity API client tools
Wrapper class for API