Top 20 NuGet requests Packages

This package includes web API helpers such as: - PaginatedRequest for providing an expected paginated request from an API controller. - PaginatedResponse for providing an result paginated response from an API controller request. - HttpContextExceptionsMiddleware for handling web ap...
This package includes web MVC API helpers such as: - InternalServerErrorObjectResult for providing an expected 500 response from an API controller.
Simple HTTP and REST client for Unity based on Promises, also support Callbacks!
CrossPlatformLibrary.WebBrowser is a cross-platform abstraction which allows to open browser requests.
Package for simple web requests. Allows to synchronously or asynchronously send GET and POST requests with one line of code and get response in specified or dynamic object.
Provide Mongo database store for ServerSideAnalytics
Make HTTP Requests easier, using a generic builder pattern and options for customizations
A fakeable http client. Allows unit tests to intercept requests and replace them with pre-configured responses. This is useful for stubbing out external services.
Common .NET Library and Tools
C# Library to easily make Http requests
RequestManager is a .NET Core library that provides helper methods to easily send requests in different formats and deserialize the response into objects.
If you have a .NET core WebAPI project and if you are tired of typing out AJAX request after request, WillCore.Requests is the framework that will brighten your day.
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