Top 20 NuGet region Packages

Supported Platforms: • NETStandard • NETFramework Includes more than 200 image processing functions, including blank page detection, scanned document image clean up, medical image enhancement, color correction, noise reduction, edge detection, text and MICR detection, and so much more. Most LEADTO...
Monitors geofence regions and handle region state changes events. Across iOS and Android from a single API.
SyntaxEditor is a powerful text editing WPF control designed for use in IDE applications and script editing scenarios. Code editing features include syntax highlighting, code outlining, line numbers, block selection, IntelliPrompt UI, split views, zooming, bi-di support, and much more. SyntaxEditor...
Allows you to screenshot a screen or a portion of the screen. Features: - Supports multiple displays with different scales - Thread-safe Utilities: - Screenshoter.GetPhysicalScreens() // returns all screens rectangles. - Screenshoter.GetPhysicalScreenRectangle() // returns global screen rectangle.
Brood War Terrain Analyzer written in .NET (choke points, regions detection)
A lightweight client MVC framework for building small Single Page Applications in Javascript. Based on some of the principles that drive Backbone it's an ideal lightweight solution for people either familiar with Backbone or wanting to start learning it.
ISO 3166 countries library, including: common Name, official Name, TLD,two and three letter country code, ISO numeric code, CIOC, currencies, callingCodes, capital, alternative spellings, region, subRegion, borders, is landlocked and area in square kilometers
Backbone Ribs is an extension project which adds an additional layer of functionality to Backbone that simplifies creation of basic types of views, adds more granular JSON handling and separates concerns further by separating Views from Regions (see Views and regions below for details) which enables...
Provides developers with libraries for the azure resource mover under Azure Resource manager.
This framework extends Prism.StoreApps with useful real-world featires. 1. Displaying of settings flyouts, child views, notifications and flyouts views in MVVM style 2. CompositeUI via regions in ViewModelFirst style
A library for all the data structures in C#. Every class is generic and reusable.
Contains attributes, helpers and extensions which useful for developing any software project
Contains infrastructure for implementation module structure of application
Provides datacenter management capabilities for Microsoft Azure.
Get your Public IP and all related Informations about any IP Address ( Country, region, city, address, zip code, lat, long, organization, isp timezone, status, and other informations ...)
A Code Refactoring developed using the .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn"). It allows users to remove C# region blocks without seeking the end of the region. To trigger the refactoring: 1) Position the text cursor on the directive #region 2) Click the Light Bulb or press CTRL + . 3) Select the...
An obsessively simple and performant library for protecting critical sections.
Lookup countries based on fuzzy criteria.
How to use: AzureDatacenterIPAddressService _handler = new AzureDatacenterIPAddressService(); // get all azure regions var regions = _handler.GetRegionsWithIpAddress(); // get ip address list for region var ipForRegion = _handler.GetIpAddressByRegion(RegionType.europenorth); // check if region c...