Top 20 NuGet records Packages

Design and build-time code-gen for records, unions, lenses and immutable With functions
Simple compile-time dependency for allowing the use of C# 9 features in older build targets.
Allows .NET standard builds to use and consume assembiles compiled with C# 9 records.
C# latest/.NET 5.0 template for model generated immutable records.
C# template for model generated polymorphic records.
A typesafe way of adding with-functionality to any type.
A plugin to open your records in your browser. Choose the record type, enter a Guid and optionally select a form. The plugin will check if the record exists, and opens your record in your browser.
DSL allowing to define classes with common patterns in a concise way.
FixedWidthParser.Parse parses a fixed width record and populates properties on a target object decorated with the FixedWidthColumnAttribute. Attempts are made to convert to target types.
This library allows a developer to generate output compatable with Albany Direct Debit products (initally EPay).
Generates immutable record classes from C# definitions.
Simple library to help in the reading and writing of CSV formatted content.
Provides functionality to select a random sample subset of data for multiple use cases. These include deleting data from development/test systems after copying the production database
Provides a simple framework for handling data pagination from within any kind of .NET system.
C# records (immutable structs and classes) analyzer and code fix to create Constructor and `With` method. Installs as a development dependency.
This library aims to reduce the boilerplate to create records for older projects that cannot upgrade to C# 8.0 when it is released and for any current projects that don't want to wait for C# 8.0 to be released with record support.
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