Top 20 NuGet recorder Packages

QuickStart your web testing automation focusing only on what is important, being productive. Once you set your solution to x86 or x64, inherit a class and change your app.config as you want, this will provide an automatic Selenium WebDriver setup and session management, ExtentReports (Including Klov...
NAudio utilities including a LoopbackRecorder to allow for easy recording of what is coming through your soundcard.
A fast and light-weight implementation of the observer pattern that supports synchronous and asynchronous invocation and/or subscribers. A potential replacement for regular .NET events.
Recorder and Player based on NAudio library.
Recorder based on winmm.dll.
With Onvif IP Camera Viewer, you have the opportunity to access USB, RTSP and Onvif cameras.\r\nYou are free to develop camera viewer applications which are capable of detect motion, query and set image settings, use PTZ control over the camera, create server mode to stream IP camera video to connec...
A Simple Audio Recorder View for Xamarin.Android with hold to Record Button and Swipe to Cancel like WhatsApp
Ratchet Audio Core is a library part of the ratchet project that can be used to play and record sound.
This project's goal is to allow developers to deliver media to clients freely in less then 10 lines of code utilizing standards complaint protocol implementations. It also aims to provide a re-usable set of classes for working with Rtsp and Rtp/Rtcp and Sdp.
Manage easily devices inputs. Demo on GitHub :
.NET library to record the screen to AVI video with sound using C# and VB .NET with a built in spinning tool.
.NET library to record audio (WASAPI, WASAPI Loopback, LineIn, Microphone, Loudspeakers, etc..) to AAC, APE, MP2, MP3, Vorbis OGG, ACM WAV, PCM WAV and WMA with audio meter and audio graph.